my work

My goal is to make great apps from good ideas. I love to share what I learned with less experienced developers and help them find an easier path than the one I had in my career. You can see a little bit more of my experience below.

Senior Mobile Engineering Consultant


I joined SulAmƩrica to help with the digital transformation of the Engineering team. We face a lot of processes that are necessary at a health insurance company but need a performance improvement. I act directly with the Mobile team to help on performance improvements, refactoring and new products.

iOS Development Mentor

Eldorado Research Institute

At Eldorado I worked at the Apple Developer Academy project, which is run by Eldorado in partnership with Apple. I started my journey in iOS development at the Academy and I had the pleasure to come back as a mentor. My main responsibilities were:

  • Students monitoring and help with development methodologies like Scrum, and learning methodologies like CBL.
  • Multiple workshop presentations regarding Hard and Soft Skills.
  • Remove blockers on development and learning process.
  • Project presentation at the Brazilian mentors conference.

iOS Engineer

Air Apps Inc.

It was my first international experience, working with a global team where the communication is all in English. At the company, I had the opportunity to maintain some existing apps and to build some apps from the concept to the final product.

Senior iOS Developer

Zup Innovation

I worked for the greatest bank of Latin America called ItaĆŗ Unibanco supporting the Home module of the credit card app. This position gave me a good knowledge of the financial sector. My position was at Zup assigned to the bank. Some of my responsibilities were:

  • Tests migration to a modularized part of the app.
  • Rules implementation to build the iOS project from a configuration file.
  • Mentoring new developers with their tasks.

Intermediate iOS Developer

Trakto Inc.

Trakto is a startup that makes a design tool based on templates for those who can't pay for a designer to generate marketing material and my main responsibility was to build the stories editor mobile app of the company. Some of my responsibilities were:

  • Scope definition with the Flutter team for the company's main app development.
  • Build proofs-of-concept to help the technical team make decisions about the development stacks.
  • I administered the App Store Connect account of the company, helping manage accesses, new app releases, and app tests. I also contacted Apple frequently to manage the account.
I also had some achievements that are worth highlighting:
  • I developed the stories app alone from the first version to the complete MVP version with all basic features.
  • Through my contact Apple authorize the company to distribute the B2B apps through a new way of distribution.
  • I started the modularization of the mobile editor.

Juior iOS Developer

Anestech Innovation Rising

I act on maintenance and development of AxReg. AxReg is a complete anesthetic sheet and it's integrated with powerful dashboards of surgical center performance. Some of my responsabilities was:

  • Finish the post anesthetist module of the app used not patient recovery.
  • Implemented the analytics tools with Firebase and Amplitude.
  • Implemented the Push Notification system and manage the messages.
  • I developed a new way to input patient data on the main feature of the app ensuring consistency.
  • Helped the UI/UX team to make the app according the User Interface Guideline of Apple.
  • Helped the support team to identify and solve bugs reported by users.
I also had some achievements that worth to highlight:
  • The post anesthetic module of the app improve the company income in 20% and the number of users in 25%.
  • With the analytics and crashlytics tools the time to solve critical problems was reduced in 50%.
  • The Push Notification tool reduced the time to notify the users about instabilities or maintenance from 1.2 days to 2 hours.

Thank a lot leerob for the inspiration for this site.