Hello, I'm João Tribuzy 🍏

I'm an iOS Engineer with international experience and extensive involvement in the startup environment, working in several industries such as finance and healthcare. Currently, I work as a Senior Mobile Consultant at SulAmérica where I help with the architecture of mobile solutions focusing on the iOS platform.

Apple Developer Academy Manaus team at the PLB 2023 event at Eldorado Campinas
Me and some friends working at christmas show of our church
Me and the entity of the Apple Developer Academy Manaus
Me and some guys from 2023 cohort recording a short film.
Me after give a CBL sticker to Mark Nichols, the CBL creator.
Me at the graduation event of the 2023 cohort of the Apple Developer Academy Manaus

My journey began as a student at a technical high school called Nokia Foundation where I took my first steps in computer programming and decided that I would be a developer. Just after graduating, I started my journey at the Apple Developer Academy in Manaus, operated by the Eldorado Institute in partnership with Apple, where I later had the opportunity to become a mentor.

Over the past nine years, I have developed projects for

Swift logo
SwiftUI logo
Realm logo
. My current goal is to develop my career as Mobile Software Engineer specialized in iOS Engineering. I'm always looking for an opportunity to turn a good idea into a great app and in my free time I like to play some bass. You're welcome to see a little bit more about my work and let's get in touch!

Thank a lot leerob for the inspiration for this site.